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Gordon Parsons



"The Village of Gould Station"

A brief history of this once thriving community.
By Gordon Parsons
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Famille Parsons Family


My grandmother, Nellie Annabella (Lefebvre) Parsons was the daughter of William and Amelia (Harrison) Lefebvre and was born on December 29, 1885. She was born in a log cabin which was the home of her grandparents, the William Harrison family. The William Harrison family lived about 2 miles west of William and Amelia Lefebvre on Hardwood Flat Road. William and Amelia were living on Bury Range 6, Lot 22. Seven years later in 1892, the William Harrison family built the beautiful frame home pictured below (the photo was taken of the Harrison family in front of the house in 1896.


Ma grand-mère, Nellie Annabella (Lefebvre) Parsons était la fille de William et Amelia (Harrison) Lefebvre et est née le 29 décembre 1885. Elle est née dans une cabane en rondins qui était la maison de ses grands-parents, la famille William Harrison. La famille William Harrison vivait à environ 3 km à l'ouest de William et Amelia Lefebvre sur Hardwood Flat Road. William et Amelia vivaient sur Bury Range 6, Lot 22. Sept ans plus tard, en 1892, la famille William Harrison a construit la belle maison à ossature illustrée ci-dessous (la photo a été prise de la famille Harrison devant la maison en 1896.










The Early Settlers of Knicky Knocky and Herringville, Quebec

is available for sale on Ebay:

This book describes the villages in the Old Country where the early settlers were from, the reasons why they may have left and, in many cases, the ships on which they sailed to the New World. It traces the lives of these families from the first years of settlement in Knicky Knocky and Herringville until today. The book also includes the memoirs of Audrey Parsons Dougherty’s life in Knicky Knocky. 

The book is hardcover, 146 pages, 8 1/2”x11”, full colour. To purchase, just search the title in eBay and follow the instructions.

Some items of special interest:
- illustrated maps of where the settlers lived along the full length of Victoria Road in 1842
- the very first settlers of Knicky Knocky and Herringville - the Parsons, Fisher, Sharman, Herring and Groom families
- the other early settlers of Knicky Knocky and Herringville - the Prince, Lawrence, Dorman, Dunsmore, Barbeau, Guertin, Dougherty, Lizotte, Dawson, Lapointe, Smyth and Thompson families
- when Herringville became Herringville
- Robert Lawrence pioneer log cabin location on the George Parsons “yellow house” farm
- mini-Lyng village on Victoria Road in 1842
- William Dorman Knicky Knocky house that was moved and survives today
- one of the very earliest frame houses in Bury Township, the James Sharman house



Growing up in Knicky Knocky, Quebec

is available on Ebay:

Knicky Knocky, in Quebec's Eastern Townships, was settled in the 1850s with immigrants from England including my ancestors, the Parsons. There were no more than 20 families living there at its peak. 

Growing up in this small rural community in the 1940s and 1950s provided a lot of interesting experiences and stories which our children and grandchildren have really enjoyed listening to over the years. 

Some of their favourites are: Dale's Pet Rabbit, The Famous Bear Cubs, Willard vs the Sawmill Workers, A Room for my Mommy, "Taking Care" of Barry's Hens, The Fortune Teller, A Special Moment with Dad, Sonny and the Well-drillers, Those Tough Doughertys, and Who did you vote for Doris?

Inside is a collection of 57 of these stories, each illustrated by photos and images, which provide a glimpse into the life of a boy growing up in that special little corner of the world called Knicky Knocky.

Gordon Parsons is the son of Thomas and Doris Parsons and grew up in Knicky Knocky with his brothers Aylmer (Sonny), Barry, and Dale.




Gordon Parsons



Gordon Parsons is the third of four sons of Thomas Parsons and Doris (Mayhew) Parsons. He grew up on Beaver Ridge Farm in Knicky Knocky, Quebec with his brothers Aylmer (Sonny), Barry and Dale. He recalls the first source of power on the farm was dog power - a dog named Scottie when whistled would race to the barn, jump into a large wooden water wheel and run up the wheel to pump water from the brook to the house and barn.

After graduating from McGill University, Gordon joined the Green Giant Company in Windsor, Ontario. He later moved to Ottawa and served as a diplomat with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.

Gordon retired from the Department of Foreign Affairs in 2005 after serving overseas assignments at Canadian Embassies in Tokyo, London, Bangkok and Beijing. Gordon and his wife, Dot, retired to the small town of Picton, Ontario and have three children, ten grandchildren, and two Golden Retrievers.


Gordon Parsons est le troisième des quatre fils de Thomas Parsons et Doris (Mayhew) Parsons. Il a grandi à Beaver Ridge Farm à Knicky Knocky, Québec avec ses frères Aylmer (Sonny), Barry et Dale. Il se souvient que la première source d'énergie de la ferme était la puissance des chiens - un chien nommé Scottie, quand il était sifflé, se précipitait vers la grange, sautait dans une grande roue à eau en bois et montait la roue pour pomper l'eau du ruisseau vers la maison et la grange.

Après avoir obtenu son diplôme de l'Université McGill, Gordon s'est joint à la Green Giant Company à Windsor, en Ontario. Il a ensuite déménagé à Ottawa et a été diplomate au ministère canadien des Affaires étrangères.

Gordon a pris sa retraite du ministère des Affaires étrangères en 2005 après avoir servi à l'étranger dans les ambassades canadiennes à Tokyo, Londres, Bangkok et Pékin. Gordon et son épouse, Dot, se sont retirés dans la petite ville de Picton, en Ontario, et ont trois enfants, dix petits-enfants et deux Golden Retrievers.




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